We make it. All of it

We are craftspeople first and foremost. We are passionate about manufacturing in Australia because we believe that quality and control of the product really does matter. Our network and team are made up of some of the world’s leaders in innovation and craft. This attentive and hands-on approach across the supply chain means we execute your design vision with absolute precision.

Relationships are the most important

Whether you are big business or a smaller brand,
we will treat you and your project with the honesty
and integrity that you deserve. We are straight-talking
and personably which is the only way we do business.
Which means we won’t promise on things
we can’t deliver.

Deep industry knowledge

Our reputation is built on it and we unashamedly have pride
in our craft. From your design expectation, through the
manufacturing process, right to the installation delivery
we want you to know that we know our stuff and we get it right.

Project Management is not a dirty word

Pulling all the pieces together to create a perfect outcome is a skill we are proud to shout about. Stakeholder management, working with design teams on iteration changes, getting our hands dirty during the manufacturing process is integral to making sure it is done right and done well.