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Australian Signmakers is a one-stop shop for all your signage needs. The team’s combined 42 years in the industry have given them knowledge and expertise to design, manufacture, install a comprehensive range of solutions–from 3D signs through digital displays. Utilising craftsmanship as well as collaboration with clients on what they need from their signage can help us produce quality work that meets your every requirement; so, you know when it comes time to make or replace any business signage – Australian Signmakers should be first on everyone’s list! Australian Signmakers offers an extensive variety of products including interior posters & banners, external vinyl lettering installation services.


The Australian Signmakers are one of the most trusted sign makers in Melbourne. They provide a wide range of services including project management, graphic design and artwork, engineering and manufacturing, installation review with their clients to create custom signs that fit for them.

Directional signage

We offer a range of directional and way-finding signage solutions to help your visitors get where they need to go, from clear signs that make people feel at ease while navigating through the space, all-inclusive custom storage for any sign you may need in case there’s an emergency.

LED Signage

Australian Signmakers can custom-build and fabricated LED signage or illuminated light boxes that attract attention and footfall to your business premises. Our expert team are specialists in the area of LED signage, so they’ll be sure to design a sign layout for you with an eye on maximising visibility from different angles as well as satisfy any other requirements like including logos or branding information. With our professional manufacturing process, we’re able to create high quality signs made out of materials such as aluminium extrusion profiles called T-Joints–certainly something worth coming by for!

Australian Signmakers is here for all your needs when it comes about building up outdoor advertising solutions via customised LEDs displays; whether this includes designing them yourself based on what you have.

Australian Signmakers can help you create a bold, eye-catching first impression with their innovative signage solutions. From reception and office signs to outdoor banners and way-finding systems, the team at Australian Signmakers is passionate about what they do–creating high quality graphics that are effective in meeting all your design needs!

Eye catching signages from Australian Signmakers will leave an unforgettable impact on visitors of every kind while also providing the necessary information for everyday use through clear messaging. With indoor or outdoor options available our experts provide unmatched service when it comes to creating hard working visual displays perfect for any business environment such as yours!

At Australian Signmakers, we don’t just design and install signage. We get to know each of our clients in-depth on a personal level from the start – understanding their needs so that they can be satisfied with not only the end product but also how long it took us to create it for them. This is what sets us apart: we work with you throughout your entire project until its completion and beyond as if you were part of our family here at ASM! Some of which include:

  • Directional/Wayfinding signage
  • Customised signage
  • Walls, windows, entry & exit points
  • 3-D signs
  • Illuminated and LED signage solutions

Wall Skins
You may not be able to see it, but there is a full world hidden behind the walls of your office. It’s called The Inner World – and every wall in our space can tell its story with custom wall skins! Gone are the days when plain painted walls were considered acceptable; now you have an opportunity to get creative and inspire staff or impress prospective clients.

Customise each surface according to what makes YOUR organisation unique: from floor graphics highlighting company values, mission statements that show employees’ roles within their team as well as client testimonials on conference room dividers showing.

If you are in the market for a new wall, then look no further than Wall Skins. You can choose from hundreds of designs to make your home feel like it was custom-made just for you!

Wall skins have several applications:
Offices: The perfect addition to any office. This modern sleek looking table is the go-to for a boardroom, reception desk, or break room. The frame and legs are made from durable steel with an attractive black finish that will complement most offices decor well!

Retail units: Image-based advertising has been an effective strategy for many years. Whether it’s a promotion, lifestyle image or call to action – the right graphic can do wonders for your marketing campaign!

Commercial Space: They say that they are perfect in showrooms, factories and for use as backdrops.

Window Frosting: Window frosting is a perfect solution for adding privacy to your office environment. Do you need more confidentiality in boardrooms, break rooms or other work areas? Window film allows companies and individuals the ability to maintain their sleek style while also keeping any confidential information secure from prying eyes by giving just enough light through! We offer window films that are customizable with eye-catching designs featuring company branding, custom patterns and even individual messaging too so whether it’s an open concept layout or private space we have what you need.

“Need privacy but want keep things looking modern?” “If yes then come talk to us at (company name). Our team offers a tailored service for anyone who needs some extra security without compromising on design.” Whether its public spaces

Have you been thinking about how to wow your customers with an awesome indoor signage? We know that it’s important for businesses, and we’re here to help. Contact our expert team today so we can provide advice, assistance and a quote on services offered by Sign Specialist!

Engage Customers with Custom Vending Machine Wraps and Prints

Businesses across Australia are all too often in search of many ways to entice and engage their customers. One such way is using custom vending machine wraps and prints which can be personalised for each customer’s needs, thanks to a company called Custom Wraps & Prints. Engage your consumers with customised graphics that support the brand image you’ve worked hard on by giving them something unique from Custom Wraps & Prints!

At Australian Signmakers, our trusted team of graphic designers will work with you to come up with the perfect custom vending machine wrap for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple but stunning design or something that really stands out, we have an idea that best complements your brand and brings it to life in this unique way!